Methodology /

It's actually quite easy to build a website. What's difficult, and relies on years of experience, is designing a good or, better still, a great website. We call it: Hard Working Web Design.

  1. 1. The First Steps /

    Starting your new website project

    We sit down and talk to you about

    • what your business does
    • how it does it
    • ways you're planning to develop your business
    • how customers are using your website
    • how you'd like customers to be using your website

    This is our starting point for understanding the requirements of your new Hard Working website.

  2. 2. Everything in Its Right Place /

    Planning Content and Information Architecture on your website

    a.k.a : information architecture

    In collaboration with you, we put the site content into a hierarchy and map the logical flow through the site by your users.

    This helps users find the content they want, which ensures a positive experience that they're more likely to want to repeat.

  3. 3. Laying the Foundations /

    Planning your new website

    We create some bare bones web pages. There's no content, colour or graphic design - just outlines to show where content will sit and how users will navigate through these sections.

    It helps to see these underlying frameworks without the distraction of subjective elements such as colour choices or imagery.

  4. 4. The Presentation Layer /

    The web design process

    We know, we know - this is what you've been really wanting to see from the start! But we believe that the best design is about how things work, not just how they look.

    Now we know how the site is going to work, we can do a better job of the graphic design. This will reflect your company branding, personality and create an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

  5. 5. Wiring It In /

    Development stage for your bespoke website

    At this point we have a well structured and beautifully presented set of website templates. Now it's time to hook it up to a Content Management System (CMS). This brings all the interactive and dynamic features to life. It also gives you the tools to add content to the site yourselves through a user-friendly control panel.

  6. 6. Fill Her Up /

    Loading content onto your new website

    We will give you access to the CMS to get started adding your content.

    It's the perfect way for you to become familiar with the website and to test all the pages as you publish your content.

  7. 7. Hello World /

    Marketing your new website

    Sadly it's not quite as easy as "build it and they will come". Once it's launched you might want to tell the World about your fantastic new website.

    We can give expert advice on ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), paid advertising, strategic email campaigns, copywriting or bespoke consultancy servcies.